Endometriosis doubles risk of ovarian cancer

A large study has for the first time shown an increased risk of the commonest type of ovarian cancer (low grade serous type) in women with a history of endometriosis.

13 226 controls and 7911 women with invasive ovarian cancer were included in this analysis. The risk of having had a diagnosis of endometriosis in the past doubled the risk of having low grade serous ovarian cancer and tripled the risk of clear cell ovarian cancer.

Implications for practice: Women with a history of endometriosis should be monitored more closely for ovarian cancer.

Reference: Pearce CL, Templeman C, Rossing MA, et al. on behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium. Association between endometriosis and risk of histological subtypes of ovarian cancer: a pooled analysis of case-control studies. Lancet Oncol 2012;13:385-94.