New consultation £175 - £225
Follow-up consultation£100 - £125

Self-funding costs:

Please find the following approximate ‘self-funding costs’ inclusive of hospital, surgical, anaesthetic and pathology fees i.e. smear tests where relevant. Formal fixed quotes are sent on booking of procedures/operations.

We have only included the most commonplace procedures. The costs vary according to where your procedure is undertaken; either at one of our dedicated private hospitals; Nuffield Hospital, Cheltenham, Winfield Hospital, Gloucester or the Spire Southbank Hospital, Worcester or as a private patient at Cheltenham General or Gloucester Royal Hospitals.

Interest–free loans are available from the Nuffield Hospital and the Spire Hospital.

Outpatient procedures:

Colposcopy with Consultant*£625 - £855
Cervical Smear with Consultant*£180
Outpatient hysteroscopy with Consultant* £750 - £989.00

*Unlike in the NHS all these procedures are undertaken by one of our Consultant Gynaecologists.

Daycase procedures (General anaesthetic):

Diagnostic laparoscopy +/- dye test to fallopian tubes if required (q3900) £1826 - £2983.00
Daycase hysteroscopy (q1800) £1716- £2385.00
Operative laparoscopy i.e. dividing adhesions, ovarian drilling etc (q3800)£2050--£3352.00
(Not including histology as not always needed)
Endometrial ablation or transcervical resection of endometrial polyp (q1700)£2365-£3378.00
Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cyst (q4400)£2365 - £5079.00
Laparoscopic removal of ovary/ovaries (q2230)£2380- £4772.00
Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis (q1701)£2570- £3865.00
*All these procedures are usually daycases but may require an overnight stay according to the complexity of surgery involved.

Inpatient procedures (General anaesthetic):

Vaginal hysterectomy +/- pelvic floor repair (3 day stay)£3646 -£5712.00
Laparoscopic sub-total hysterectomy +/- removal of ovaries (1-2 day stay): q0751 £4506 - £6486.00
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy +/- removal of ovaries(1-2day stay) (q0790)£4006 - £6849.00

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