The Gloucestershire Menstrual Disorders Clinic

A woman’s menstrual cycle is unique to her and usually it causes no problems. More than 1/3 of women however experience irregular, heavy or painful periods at some stage. These problems often have negative effects on their work, social or sex lives and often women feel they have to ‘just put up with it’! The aim of this clinic is to sensitively and effectively investigate and treat these problems.

The Menstrual Disorders Clinic at the Nuffield Hospital is run by the most experienced consultant gynaecologists in the region with a particular interest and expertise in managing problematic periods. The consultants are able to manage all aspects of investigating and treating period problems from simple reassurance to medical or surgical treatments.

This dedicated clinic allows women with such problems to be seen by the most appropriate Consultant Gynaecologist and have the appropriate investigations and often treatment started at one clinic appointment. Any additional treatments/investigations that are opted for can also be discussed, booked or undertaken at the same appointment. The consultant will take a medical history from you and then depending on this will usually suggest one or more ways of investigating the problem (See below). The results of which will then be discussed with you and treatment options offered.

Possible investigations suggested either at the time or later include cervical smears, swabs, Hysteroscopy, and Endometrial biopsy. Please see our treatments page for more information.

After you have had one or more of the investigations the consultant will discuss with you the findings and all of your suitable options. These may include commencing medical treatment i.e. non-hormonal and hormonal medications including hormone-containing coil (Mirena™ coil); considering various surgical options i.e. endometrial ablation, laparoscopy (‘Key-hole’ surgery) to investigate the cause of pelvic pain or laparoscopic sub-total or total hysterectomy. Your consultant will discuss these issues with you in detail.