Spire Clinic, Cheltenham Spa

Now Operating out of the Spire Clinic, Cheltenham Spa.

The Gynaecology Group have been invited by the Spire Private Hospital to join this new and innovative multi-speciality clinic in central Cheltenham. Clinic appointments are available during lunchtimes and out-of-hours.


The Spire Clinic Cheltenham (Central Cheltenham -1 minute walk from Cavendish House)

Hysterectomy Safety

Laparoscopic hysterectomy safer than Open (Abdominal) hysterectomy

Abdominal versus laparoscopic hysterectomies for benign diseases: evaluation of morbidity and mortality among 465,798 cases
Wiser A, Holcroft C, Tulandi T, Abenhaim H
Gynaecological Surgery (2013) 10:117-122

A very large Canadian study looked at 465,798 women having an open (Abdominal) or laparoscopic hysterectomy over the period 2002-2008. The study showed significantly fewer bowel and bladder injuries, fewer blood transfusions, DVTs and PE’s and a lower risk of death in the laparoscopic hysterectomy.